Sustainability: product design

Product development plays a significant role in sustainability. Too large or too little packaging is actually very harmful to the environment. Adapted packaging ensures that your product remains fresh, which helps to avoid food wastage.

Baginco focuses on two pillars:

  1. Custom bags
  2. Printing

Custom bags

We always aim to produce bags that are fully adapted to your needs and your products.

For example, coffee or chocolate requires a different type of packaging to tea or flour. That’s why we have a wide range of external and internal finishes to create the most effective barrier against air, moisture and grease to optimise your product’s shelf life.


We also offer various formats of both standard and personalised dimensions. This enables packaging to be created that suits the product; not too big, not too small. It avoids empty spaces and restricts the quantity of packaging material. You can find more information about these options here.


Another way of restricting packaging material is to switch from labels to printing. Stickers are an extra material, with all of the waste and man-hours associated with them.

Printing bags gives a more professional look and printing is already possible in small print runs. Are you interested in hearing the story of Mathilde of Les Fermes du Ravillon who has made the switch from labels to printing? Read the interview here.