Window bags

Are you looking for a solution to pack your products in a manner which is ecological, safe, and attractive so that the client immediately sees the product?

Baginco paper bags with transparent window are absolutely ideal for packing your products, yet keeping them subtly on show in the shop or on the shelf.

Baginco makes window paper bags with various sizes, finishes, and colours. Contact us for an original window bag with personal printing in combination with a standard or personalised window.

Are you looking for window paper bags?
Baginco has a wide range of paper bags

Advantages of window block bottom bags

Baginco window bags or block bottom bags have a rectangular bottom. Thanks to the flat bottom shape, these bags stay perfectly upright on the shop shelf, in the kitchen cupboard, or on the skink unit. The bag can easily be filled and it stays nicely upright, even if you remove some of the contents.

Block bottom bags with transparent window clearly reflect the content of the bag in the shop. At home to, your client sees your product at once. With the Baginco window bag you can be sure that your product will be well presented.

Block bottom window paper bags take up very little space on the sink unit, in the kitchen cupboard, or on the shop shelf in comparison to hard packaging materials. Paper bags also take up very little space when they are transported or stored since they are packed very compactly.

Window paper bags in various finishes and sizes

Window paper bags in traditional Kraft Brown are available in various standard sizes: B 68+ D 40x H 177/210, B 80+ D 50x H 210/250 B 95 + D 65 x H 205/245/295, B 130 + D 70 x H 360. Amongst other things, the bags are ideal for 100g, 125g, 250g, 500g, and 1kg coffee, flour, tea, chocolate, or other food products. These window bags can also be used as gift packaging or for packing other home-made products.

Baginco produces custom made window paper bags on request. This means you can opt for other sizes, colours, or types of paper. Contact us for a quotation without obligation.

Outer finish Inner finish Sealable Packed per (item)
Kraft Brown with window Film OPP foil YES 68+40×177







1.000 1.000 1.000 500

* The dimensions are given as: Breadth + Side x Height (mm)

Personalised paper bags with window

Apart from the Kraft brown paper bags with window, you can also order customised bags. This means that, apart from the size and type of paper, you can also choose your own printing in combination with a standard or personalised window. From a quantity of 5,000, you can opt for fully personalised window paper bags! For example, a white window bag with your logo or brand.

Sealable (re-sealable) window bags

Baginco window paper bags can be closed mechanically using a cap applicator or closed by hand. Don’t you have a cap applicator? No problem! Thanks to the Baginco self-adhesive tin ties, available in various sizes and colours, you can now close (re-seal) window bags quickly and easily. Create your own window bags with tin tie, very handy and absolutely ideal for longer storage.

Window bag manufacturer

Buy your window bags directly from the manufacturer: no superfluous interim steps via importer, dealer, or wholesaler. At Baginco you can order standard window bags in quantities of at least 500, and personalised or customised window bags in quantities of at least 5,000.
If you order directly from Baginco, you are guaranteed shorter delivery periods and a better price! Baginco delivers in Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, and all other countries in the EU and worldwide.

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