Pre-printed Bags

Do you want something more than a blank bag to pack your coffee or tea? Then choose some pre-printed block bottom paper bags in different sizes with adapted inner and outer finish.

These block bottom paper bags are available in different colours with an adapted master key image of coffee or tea. We can also supply them immediately from our stock.

From 5,000 you can choose the colour, finish, and size yourself.

Are you looking for pre-printed paper bags?
Baginco has a wide range of pre-printed Block bottom paper bags in stock

Voordelen van Baginco voorbedrukte papieren zakjes

  • Made from high-quality paper
  • Stay nicely upright thanks to the block-shaped or rectangular bottom
  • Suitable for food and other non-food products
  • Packed in boxes from 500 to 1,000
  • Available from the stock directly from the manufacturer
  • Available standard print with a coffee or tea image.

Pre-printed bags in various finishes and sizes

The pre-printed paper bags are all finished on the inside with an OPP foil, which is greaseproof, damp-proof, and air-resistant. For the outside finish you can choose from Kraft Brown or coloured red or green.
Thanks to the master key printed images, tea or coffee products can be packed immediately in an adapted bag. Choose from different sizes; minimum quantity 500.

Our Pre-Printed Block bottom Paper Pags in Stock