Would you like to show the product you are selling? Place a window in your bag! You can choose from a wide range of standard windows, from round to rectangular. You can also design a window that suits your brand and product. Do you already have a design or layout for a bag? Send us your design and we will inform you about the possible applications.

Stock windows

Check out our range of standard windows:


Width x Height (mm)

30 x 30

40 x 40

50 x 50


Width x Height (mm)

43 x 23

54 x 28

65 x 28


Width x Height (mm)

30 x 37

45 x 53

50 x 61

65 x 80


Width x Height (mm)

40 x 40

50 x 50

Horizontal rectangle

Width x Height (mm)

38 x 28             55 x 44

41 x 23              60 x 20

44 x 37              65 x 55

Vertical rectangle

Width x Height (mm)

65 x 70

Long vertical rectangle

Width x Height (mm)

36 x 91

40 x 91

50 x 91


Windows need to be positioned minimum 15mm from the bag sides and 20mm from the bottom of the bag.

Personalised windows

Feeling creative? Design your own window!

Are you looking for personalised bags with a window? Baginco has a wide range of standard and personalised windows!