Paper packaging & packaging materials

BagInCo International is the specialist in the manufacture and printing of paper bags. This is for shops, companies or sales points which are looking for blank, pre-printed or personalised paper packaging.

Distributors and suppliers of shop packaging can also contact us to purchase paper packaging material.

Assets of BagInCo paper packaging

  • Handy : Block bottom paper bags always stay nicely upright
  • Reusable : Reclosable thanks to the simple tin tie
  • Personalised : Choose from blank, pre-printed or fully personalised paper packaging
  • Quick, simple and cheap : Order paper packaging directly from the manufacturer
  • Ecological : Alternative to less ecological packaging such as plastic and aluminium

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Coffee pods bags promo

Coffee pods promo Campaign conditions During this promotion you will receive a 20% discount on your first order of printed paper bags for coffee pods and/or capsules. The campaign runs until 31/12/2022, whereby a quote must be requested before 30/04/2022 and an order placed before 31/12/2022. The discount code "COFFEEPODS22" must be mentioned when requesting [...]

Prepress from a to z

Prepress from A to Z During the prepress phase, the creative design is translated into a print-ready production file. Above all, many questions are asked. Technical questions, such as which Pantone colour is used for your logo. And design questions too: is your image still clearly visible, even if part of it goes into the [...]

Colours explained: cmyk vs pantone

Colours explained: CMYK vs Pantone An beautifully printed bag starts with a beautiful design. The end result is largely determined by the technical approach to the development of your design. During the prepress phase, your design is examined in detail and readied for printing. An essential part of your design is the composition of the [...]

Packaging in stock

As a paper packaging manufacturer, we have several bags in stock: blank block bottom bags, bags with window, pre-print bags and coloured paper bags. Our extensive range of standard sizes and various inner and outer finishes make it easy to find suitable packaging for your product. BagInCo paper bags are available in different sizes, finishes, colours, and, if required, are fully custom made!

Bags in Stock

Custom made personalised packaging

We can also make customised small paper bags for your product to meet all your requirements as regards print, inner finish, outer finish, inside foil and sizes.

Decide for yourself on the look of your bags by opting for a specific outer finish, with or without (transparent) window. Select an inner finish which is greaseproof or has a moisture and air barrier to guarantee excellent product storage. Personalise your bag with your own design, brand name, logo, or other message as required from a minimum quantity of 5.000pc.

Personalised Paper Bags

Paper packaging with infinite possibilities

New technology makes it possible to use BagInCo paper packaging in different sectors, both in the food and non-food industry: snacks, food, foodstuffs, pet food, sweets, promotional material or gifts, candy, sugar, chocolate, chocolate truffles, tea, coffee, etc.

Customised Paper Bags