Personalised paper bags

Personalised paper bagsSometimes, a standard or pre-printed paper bag is not enough; you want a paper bag with personal printing. As a manufacturer, Baginco can make fully customised paper bags with fully personalised printing. Having your own paper bag is an ideal way to promote your company.

  • High-quality prints in quadric up to 8 colours
  • A range of materials, sizes, and finishes
  • Personalised paper bags from a minimum of 5,000
  • Unique service direct from the manufacturer
  • Spread of brand loyalty and familiarity amongst your clients

Order personalised paper bags in 5 steps

  1. Size: How much content do you want to pack? View our sizes
  2. Outer finish: Which look or style do you want to give the bag? View outer finishes
  3. Inner finish: Which protective barrier does your product need? Air/Moisture resistant or greaseproof? View inner finishes
  4. Layout or design: In how many colours do you want the paper bag printed? More info about layout
  5. Quantity: How many paper bags do you need? More info about quantity

Delivery of personalised paper bags within the EU and worldwide

As a paper bags manufacturer, Baginco delivers within and outside the EU. Thanks to its central location, Baginco can send personalised paper bags to France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and all other countries in Europe and worldwide quickly and easily. Since you buy directly from the manufacturer, you save a lot of money and you can be sure of the quality and expertise.

Are you looking for personalised paper bags?
Baginco has a wide range of paper bags with printing