Sustainability: logos

Quality marks


PEFC is an international label for responsible and sustainable forestry, in accordance with environmental and social criteria. The label guarantees that the wood that forms the basis for paper originates from a sustainably managed forest.

Sustainable forestry management is defined as:

  • Guaranteeing or improving the preservation of biodiversity
  • The protection of ecologically important forest areas
  • A ban on GMOs, certain pesticides and the felling of trees for agriculture or timber plantations

In addition to the environmental aspect, the label imposes a series of social criteria, such as a ban on forced or compulsory labour, a guaranteed minimum wage, safe working conditions, and a ban on child labour and discrimination.

The label is managed by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC).

The paper from Baginco is PEFC certified. This means that we have a unique certificate number. The logo can be used in various colours (green, black etc) and must comply with specific directives. Contact the Baginco Sales team for the correct logo and more information.

Seedling logo

The seedling logo is a label indicating compostability.

Packaging is compostable if it complies with European compost standard EN-13432. These are the 4 criteria with which it must comply:

  1. Disintegration: At least 90% of the product must break down into particles of less than 2 mm within 12 weeks
  2. Biodegradation: The product must break down biologically into anorganic substances (CO2 and minerals) within 6 months.
  3. The maximum concentrations of heavy metals (Pb, Cr, Cd) may not be exceeded
  4. Ecotoxicity: The product may not have any harmful effect on the (quality of) compost.


There are 2 independent recognised certification institutions, TÜV Austria and DIN Certco, who carry out the EN-13432 certification procedure. There are also 2 accompanying logos, OK compost and the seedling logo.

The bio bag made from bio paper with bio film from Baginco is industrially compostable and certified by Din Certco. This means that we have a seedling logo with a unique certificate number. The logo must comply with specific directives [1]. Contact the Baginco Sales team for the correct logo and more information.

The OK Compost logo is an alternative to the Seedling logo. As Baginco is certified by DIN Certco, the seedling logo must be used and not the OK Compost logo.

Sorting logos

Mobius loop or recycling logo

The Mobius loop or the recycling logo is the symbol for recycling. This merely states that products bearing this symbol, or their packaging, are recyclable. This logo is voluntary and is not checked and therefore offers no guarantees.

There is often confusion over this logo as there is also a version that has a number within it. This number indicates that a product contains a percentage of recycled material. This is not the same as being recyclable!

At Baginco the recycling logo without percentage may be used for paper bags that are recyclable. This depends on the composition of the bag and the directives in various countries. For more information, please contact Baginco sales

= this product or packaging is recyclable (end-of-life)

= this product or packaging consists of 65% recycled material (raw material)

Triman logo

The Triman logo has been in use in France since 2015. It indicates that the product or packaging may not be disposed of in domestic waste, but must be sorted or taken to a collection point to be recycled.

With effect from 1 January 2020, the Info-tri logo, which incorporates the Triman logo, will have to be stated on domestic packaging. From that date you are no longer permitted to use the current Triman logo separately. You will find more information here.


L’info-tri was developed in France by CITEO to enable clear sorting instructions to be given for domestic packaging.

It is affiliated with the Triman logo. It distinguishes the various materials from which the packaging is made (cardboard, plastic etc.) and provides the sorting instructions for each one.

The use of l’info-tri is mandatory. Please contact Adelphe or CITEO for the correct label to apply to your packaging. Also read this blog post about the new Info-tri symbol.

Green Dot

The Green dot symbol is not a logo that indicates if a product or packaging is recyclable. The label only guarantees that the manufacturer of the product has paid a contribution toward the selective collection, sorting and recycling of the packaging material.

This logo is not mandatory and is not applicable to Baginco.


More information about the various logos/labels: