Brown Bags

Baginco makes block bottom brown paper bags in various sizes with adapted inner and outer finish.

The bags are produced ecologically from kraft brown paper and are suitable for packing food, tea, coffee, pet food, and other non-food items or can also be used perfectly well as gift packaging.

Are you looking for brown bags?
Baginco has a wide range of block bottom brown paper bags in stock

Advantages of Baginco brown paper bags

  • Made from natural brown kraft paper
  • Suitable for food and non-food products
  • Stay nicely upright thanks to the block-shaped or rectangular bottom.
  • Packed in boxes from 500 to 1,200
  • Available in stock, directly from the manufacturer
  • Available blank, standard printed, personalised, or fully customised.

Brown bags are available in various sizes and finishes

Baginco produces block bottom bags in brown kraft paper, lined or without lines, printed or unprinted. Depending on the product which you wish to pack, you can opt for an OPP or metal foil as an inner finish, which is greaseproof, damp-proof, and air-resistant.

Baginco block bottom brown kraft paper bags are available in various sizes, with or without a window.

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